Pretend Like it's release day

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Welp.  Here we are.  Release day.  Hope everybody had fun getting in line for the midnight launches at Tower Records and other music stores all across the… wait what?  It’s 2018, Tower Records is over, and I’m not actually successful enough to warrant lines of people physically waiting to purchase my music?  And people don’t even purchase music any more?  Really??? Wait AND BIFF TANNEN IS PRESIDENT TOO???? My God.  What kind of hellscape did I wake up in?


Last year I was playing a show and decided to try and write a song so I’d have something new to play.  Hadn’t otherwise been writing much and was starting to think maybe my time would be better spent doing something responsible, like day-trading black market crypto on the silk road.  Anyway I wrote this song called ‘Burning Bridge’ and somehow it unlocked a secret trap door inside me, out of which tumbled an album’s worth of songs.  Now logic would tell a reasonable person not to invest hundreds of hours slaving over lyrics and string arrangements and themes that are hardly commercial or relevant.  Those black market cryptos (just made that up and really liking it) aren’t going to day-trade themselves, right?  Why waste all that time and effort lovingly crafting something only to throw it into the dark gaping maw of modern life, which will almost certainly swallow it, shrug, and keep slouching along unaffected?  Well it turns out I’m JUST dumb enough to go all-in on that kind of proposition.  Makers gonna make, players gonna play, dreamers gonna dream.

The Grammys.  Bring me them.  (thanks Cara for making this ages ago)

The Grammys.  Bring me them.  (thanks Cara for making this ages ago)


So here we are.  You can stream it on all the usual places.  You can buy a physical CD if for some reason you’re still clinging to that medium (let’s be honest, we know the reason: your car doesn’t even have an aux jack so it’s CDs or nothing).  You can also buy it in the usual digital places, including Bandcamp, where you can pay more than the low asking price if you want to help subsidize some art and feel good about yourself (think of it as a one-time Patreon subscription).  I loved the agony of making this record.  It’s my dream record.  I hope you listen to it all alone in your comfiest, safest spot.  Thanks.