Michael Flynn is a singer/songwriter most often found yodeling his way through the hills of Saluda NC. His songs have been featured on shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Shameless, and on commercials for useful products like cars and shampoo. He’s also won a few awards for songwriting, including 1st runner up for the John Lennon Songwriting Scholarship in 2001.  His band Slow Runner has released 5 full length albums, an EP, and several singles. They spent some time on one of SonyBMG’s labels and have toured internationally with acts like The Avett Brothers, Josh Ritter, Built to Spill, William Fitzsimmons, and many others. 

Michael released his first solo album, ‘Face in the Cloud,’ in 2014.  His new album is called ‘Pretend Like’ and was inspired by the harrowing twists that come from a life with a young kid, aging parents, and a country that can’t fit into its jeans anymore but refuses to admit it.  He consistently threatens to someday write a self-help book called ‘Stop Trying to Look Like What You Used To Look Like And Just Look Like What You Look Like!’ but none of his friends actually think he’ll follow through.


"An artist executing at best-of-career levels." 
Ryan's Smashing Life

"Stunning. Flynn has always been able to toe the line between whimsy and baffling beauty."
 Scene SC

"Intelligent, whimsical neo-pop... an ambitious start which has been pulled off wonderfully."
 Velvet Independent

"Spaced-out, haunted sanctuary slow jams."
 Wild Honey Pie

“I would love to sit in Flynn’s brain near the part that creates new songs, just to hear what unfinished stuff is floating around.”  
 Charleston Post & Courier

“Simple, beautiful, elegant.”

“Slow Runner is that rare band that can mourn and bewail, then hope and ramble on, all with one hand
on the blip-and-bloop button for good measure.”
 Paste Magazine

“…at first listen makes you summon that Shazam app on your iPhone and ask, ‘Who’s that?’”  
 Huffington Post