Fun Week Incoming


Your favorite country mouse is traveling to the big city this week.  Going to be in New York for some stuff n things: 

--Going to the 'All These Small Moments' premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival Tuesday.  Really hoping I end up in an accidental photobomb of someone actually famous.  There's a chance.  I WILL get to walk the red carpet and then hear a song I wrote play over the opening credits of a movie that looks awesome.  So the ol' bucket list is about to get a little thinner.

--Playing a few songs in the Paste Magazine offices in NYC on Wednesday at 12:30.  It'll stream live on my Facebook page, or the Slow Runner Facebook page, or the Paste Facebook page.  Watch me pretend to be comfortable!  Will be playing songs off of the new record.

--Wednesday night I'm playing a show at Berlin featuring a few artists who all have songs in 'All These Small Moments'.  It'll be a fun night with lovely music, a bunch of people who worked on the movie, and probably a healthy mix of laughter and tears.  More details over on the tour page.

Ok, let's all try and keep our shit together this week and BE COOL.  Normally more than 48 hrs in NYC and I start clawing at the walls.  Appreciate your Ts and Ps.

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