Media hits!

Like a slightly-younger Jake Tapper with music to promote instead of a new book, I’m doing some media appearances this week. You know, promoting the new CD (available now at fine digital storefronts everywhere) and the show this Saturday night at Eclectic Cafe on Spring St downtown w/ Bill Carson. So if you want to experience any of that sweet sweet promo tune your various dials accordingly:

—Today (5/3) I’ll be on WYLA (97.5FM) at 2pm for live performance/interview

—Tomorrow I’ll be on Box in the Morning @ 8:30am doing the same (

—Tomorrow sometime between 10 and 11 I’ll be on Lowcountry Live (WCIV-ABC) for live TV interview/performance

Going to try my best not to say anything that would get me compared to current-day Kanye. Early 2000s Kanye comparisons would be an honor though. Guess we’ll see!