This record is about getting older, but really every record is about that unless the artist happens to be immortal (and even in that case the person is still technically getting older, I mean that’s just math). It’s about parenthood because that’s what my life revolved around while I was making it. It’s about love because DUH, music. And it’s about how all these things— mortality, parenthood, and love— have a terrifying, heartbreaking edge to them. Every beautiful moment is perilous; every precious thing can be broken or lost. This is the sound of someone who was floating through fog, and then the fog cleared, and he gasped when he saw how high he had drifted. And then out of nowhere he pulled out some synthesizers and started really getting after it. And God played drums.

Face in the Cloud was coproduced and mixed by Villain Lighting in Brooklyn NY. It was mastered by Stefan Betke at Scape Mastering in Berlin, Germany. It features performances by stellar musicians like Josh Kaler, Wilton Elder, Bobby Plexico, and Evan Smith. The art was done by Poster Boy Design, who also made this snappy site.

It’s dedicated to my wife and daughter.