A mashup for all ages, let's get pumped for tour together.

Tour starts this coming Saturday! Dang! Looks like I have some outfits to pick out! While I’m packing I thought I’d post this live mashup I played a bunch last year on the Jump tour. To my discerning ear, Foo Fighters and 80s solo Don Henley go together like chicken and waffles. A hearty, substantive, nutritious blend. This was recorded at the Nashville City Winery in 2018 by Chris Slack at a show engineered by Herbie Jeffcoat.

If you’re thinking about coming to one of these upcoming shows, this is what it’ll be like. So I hope goofy piano shit like this is your jam.

These are the shows at which I shall play, all with the incredible Kris Gruen:

MARCH 30 | NYC, NY @ City Vineyard at Pier 26$
Tickets --> http://bit.ly/2tPSPjr
MARCH 31 | Baltimore, MD @ House Party
APRIL 1 | College Park, MD @ Milkboy Arthouse
Tickets --> http://bit.ly/2TGUTIM
APRIL 2 | Norfolk, VA @ Charlie's American Cafe
APRIL 3 | Greenville, SC @ Coffee Underground
Tickets --> http://bit.ly/2EFGxPp
APRIL 6 | Charleston, SC @ Redux Contemporary Art Center
Tickets --> http://bit.ly/2XN6Lbo
APRIL 7 | Columbia, SC @ Curiosity Coffee Bar%
Tickets --> https://squ.re/2J03K4s
APRIL 8 | Atlanta, GA @ Smith's
Tickets --> http://bit.ly/2NKFPVo
APRIL 10 | Charlotte, NC @ Evening Muse
Tickets--> http://bit.ly/2ESCiSc
APRIL 11 | Mobile, AL @ SouthSounds Music Festival
Info --> https://southsoundsfest.com/
APRIL 12 | Mobile, AL @ SouthSounds Music Festival
APRIL 13 | Athens, GA @ The Rooftop at Georgia Theatre
Free Show--> http://bit.ly/2XKsVep

$ with Benjamin Cartel
% with The Lovely Few

Let’s hold hands while civilization goes over the waterfall of authoritarianism and chaos together. Hope to see you!

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