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Like Hugh Grant dancing down the stairs in 'Love Actually,' I'm kind of feeling myself.  I've got a new snazzy website thanks to the genius at Small is the New Tall, I've got some amazing tour dates on the books with my special boys Jump, Little Children (that are being announced today but going on sale March 1), and most importantly I've got a new record coming out later this year.  It's called 'Pretend Like' and it's pretty different than the last solo release but hey I'm just out here living my truth, hollering into the void while the world shrugs and keeps walking.  If you really listened to the lyrics of Bon Jovi songs growing up you knew damn well life wasn't going to be easy and sure enough he was right.  But sometimes it feels temporarily easy, or full of the possibility of easiness, and 2018 is kind of feeling like that to me so far.  Feels good.  Can't wait.  More to announce soon.  Thanks for being my special friend.

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