Another item to check off the ol' bucket list.

Guster is one of my all time favorite bands.  I was living in Boston when 'Lost and Gone Forever' came out and it had a profound effect, specifically that it was ok to make pop music that didn't sound like pop music but was still undeniably pop music.  As in, it was accessible and catchy and almost cheesy in some places but still challenging and organic and unique.  I also saw them play with Run DMC.  Run DMC opened.  It was at a college gym somewhere in Cambridge I think and they were great (Run DMC wasn't too shabby either).  I'm super excited to announce that my kickass band and I get to open for Guster at their Music Hall show here in Charleston on Wednesday June 10.  I'm going to try not to be That Guy.  I'm going to try real hard.

The very next night, June 11, I'm playing at the Pour House with a bunch of friends to celebrate my buddy Sadler Vaden before he gets married and loses all his cool points.  There will be lots of classic rock and white guys biting their bottom lip and really getting after it.  Not a Michael Flynn thing per se (I'm playing on lots but only singing 1 song) but the talent involved is no joke so maybe come on out to that too.  The week of June 10-11 2015 only comes around once and is then gone forever, don't let a missed opportunity for musical triumph haunt you the rest of your days.

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