Upcoming Live Appearances

I'm being asked by scores of music lovers (okay, it's more like a few friends but STILL) am I touring this new record?  Is there a release show?  Who do I think I am anyway?  Shit, Tony Bennett still hits the road for album releases and he's almost 109 years old!  The answer is complicated; I'm not announcing any full-on tours as of now due to circumstances beyond my control that require me to stay where I am for the time being.  Life and stuff.  But whether you live here in Charleston or you're mired in a distant land with decent internet access, there are things coming up that may just interest you.

--A few weeks ago myself, Nick Jenkins, Ron Wiltrout, and John-Flor Sisante performed a few songs from the album right here in the hobbit hole I call a studio with a camera crew filming us.  We're going to release those performances one song at a time over the course of the summer/fall, starting next week.  It's not LIVE live in that you can't throw things at me but it's still pretty close and with the money I saved on gas from not coming to your distant land I can buy even more cupcake stock (that market is going nowhere but up).

--I'll be live on TheFIX.fm at 9pm THIS Sunday night (July 20), again streamable online right here.  Playing some songs, answering some questions, wishing Brad Cooper was there.

--I'm playing a house show on Monday July 28 in Kevsco Alley downtown.  There will be more details for that when it gets closer but it's going to be intimate and fun, like making out with your significant other while watching Wheel of Fortune!  The best part is the opener, a guy who just happens to be named... MICHAEL FLYNN.  That's right, there's another musician out there in the world named Michael Flynn who released a lovely record last year and lives in Canada but will be close enough around the show such that it's actually feasible for him to join me.  WE'RE TALKING ABOUT A MICHAEL FLYNN/MICHAEL FLYNN DOUBLE BILL.  That's some bucket list shit right there, people.  Not sure if the universe can withstand such a phenomenon (if we jam too hard on each others' songs will we rip the space-time continuum wide open?) but we're doing it.  

Finally, August 15 there'll be an actual, honest-to-goodness release party for 'Face in the Cloud' at the Charleston Music Hall.  If you can only go to one show (and your name isn't Michael Flynn) go to this one.  Aside from me and my talented friendband, we'll be sharing the stage with Grace Joyner and Johnny Delaware.  It's going to be a special night, and it's cool to be a part of a bigger series of shows celebrating the art of some talented fellow Charlestonians.

Thanks everybody for your response to the new record.  You're just plain swell and that's all there is to it.

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