Album Pre-order is LIVE repeat LIVE

Though it probably won't rake in Nintendo-sized profits, the preorder page for the new album Face in the Cloud is now live and taking your money (then sending that money to me electronically, which upon receiving I print out with my Game Boy Printer).  Click here to preorder, or you can get there by clicking the 'Nav' button in the upper right and then 'Buy'.  That'll work too.  It costs $8 but I've graciously allowed you the option to pay more than that if you consider yourself a well-to-do patron of the arts.  I certainly need all the support I can get.  Anyway preorder, get it the moment it comes out, and revel in the bacchanalian pleasure of instant electronic delivery.

If you've never bought music from Bandcamp before, please note that this preorder is for digital purchase only.  Sorry curmudgeons: we're not releasing physical CDs or vinyl for this record (at least not yet).  It'll also be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Beats, all the usual online purveyors of music.  But the best deal is the link above, so preorder with confidence.


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