At long last, after much toiling in my top-secret hobbit bunker where I draw songs on the walls and sing to my diary, I'm finally able to announce that I've birthed a new solo record and it's coming out in just a few months!  It's called 'Face in the Cloud' and it's being released by the fine folks at Hearts and Plugs.


Face in the Cloud is 9 songs chock full of high class synthesizers, yacht-rocking slow jams, and lyrics that sound like they were carved into my arm with a pocket knife.  Lots of swell friends helped out in making it and I'm really proud of how it turned out.  I can't wait for your ears to hear it.  In fact just tell your ears to ignore all other sounds they might hear between now and release day because it's SO on between us.

There'll be more to come soon so make sure you're tuned in to all my new webzones:  this site right here that you're on, the solo mef twitter, the solo mef facebook page, the solo mef youtube channel, and, of course, the video i watch at the start of every day.  Thanks.

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